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The Rogues’ Gallery

There lived a rogue, who wove his numbers into rayon,
He worked it out, cool calculations ‘n’ eyes of crayon,
But he’s so wrong, he’s so far away,
It’s been so long, he can’t find the way back home,
Back home.

He met a girl, who opened doorways, with her fingers,
She needed more; ‘n’ thought she’d get it, with her loose ways,
But she’s so wrong, she’s so far away, it’s been so long,
She can’t find the way back home, back home.

They ran away, with the paper Mache queens,
From the Sunday magazines,
They spent tot long, lost in television dreams,
Crazed with electronic beams, oh no, oh home.
So Mum’s the word,  ‘cos we all know, about the sure way,
It turns us on, or so we think so, in our blind ways,
But we’re so wrong, we’re so far away,

So where ya from, I know we’ll find the way,
Back home, back home, take me home,
Darlin’ won’t you take me, bring it home,
Take me home, home, home.

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