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Electric Superhighway Album Preview

The Southern Electrics - Save You - Single - Limited Edition
MUK015. Release date 12th December 2005
Tracks. 1.Save You. 2. Barcelona Burnout.
3. Save You (Renegade Rockstars Remix)

The Southern Electrics - Electric Superhighway - SingleElectric Superhighway single
MUK009. Release date 11th April 2005
Tracks. 1. Electric Superhighway 2. I Am
3. Electric Superhighway (Renegade Rockstars remix)
4. Electric Superhighway Video

The Southern Electrics - Electric SuperhighwayElectric Superhighway Album
MUK008. Release date 4th October 2004

Tracks. 1. E
lectric Superhighway 2. Save You 3. Go Dirty 4. Blame
5. Alien 6. Skyhigh 7. Media Coke Whore 8. The Rogues' Gallery
9. Spanish Fly 10. Sirens 11. Hypochondriac 12. Ultramarine

The Southern Electrics - Electric Superhighway EPElectric Superhighway EP
tSE CD002. Released November 2003
Tracks. 1. Electric Superhighway 2. Alien 3. The Rogues' Gallery
4. Bonus track from Barcelona Burnout Soundtrack

The Southern Electrics - The Southern ElectricsRare first release
tSE CD001. Releleased November 2002

Tracks. 1. Filter My Blues 2. Yarwie 3. The Rogues' Gallery
4. I Fell in Love With An Alien 5. Filter My Blues (Radio Edit)

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